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Where’s Waldo?

AHHHHHH…Frankly…who cares? That guy annoys me. 

But you know what I do love, seek and find puzzles. As long as it’s not Waldo, we’re good. The only problem with them is that most seek and find books are really big (at least the one ones I have) which makes them really hard to do while driving. Well, I don’t mean while I’m driving, that would be dangerous, it’s kind of hard to see the road with a huge seek and find pad in front of me. It’s also really hard to play with my daughter, she’s in the back seat, I’m in the front; you get the point.

Fortunately there is a handy alternative, SQUIGGLE Spin and Seek. Imagine a pad of post-it notes with little hidden pictures all over it. Each one is different and each picture is tiny. And by tiny I mean really, really small.

It comes with a little spin wheel with matching images on it (Three in each section of the wheel). Spin the wheel, and you have a number of instant games. Share a sheet and be the first one to find an image. Or everyone take a sheet. Be the first to find one, three or all. It’s up to you.

If you have more than one child and need a way to keep them occupied (other than playing the always fun “He poked me. She’s touching me.”), whether it’s a trip to the soccer field or a trip across the country, you owe it to yourself to get a SQUIGGLE Spin and Seek.

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