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I think one of the most difficult things about holidays for me is not knowing what to buy for my loved ones. I’m one of those people who want to find the perfect gift for someone. I will search high and low for the perfect gift. I cannot just walk in a store, grab something generic, and feel excited about giving the gift to the recipient. I want the gift I choose to be both thoughtful and useful. If you are at all like me, I have some advice for you on what might just work! 
I have found that one of the best ways to accomplish the task of perfect gift buying is to get something personalized. Something unique to the person you are buying for.
I know you are now thinking, okay, that’s great…but what? Well, once you decide to do something personalized you’ll want to head over to a store where you can browse items to be engraved, embroidered, printed, etc. I suggest using an online company called Personalcreations.com because they have over 10,000 unique gifts to choose from and it ships after 1-3 days.
The next thing you do, is decide what that person loves to do or spends a lot of time doing. Does this person spend a lot of time grilling on the BBQ? You could get them some personalized grilling utensils. How about a canvas of a family picture for their wall or office? Once you figure out their niche, you pick out your item and start personalizing. Maybe you add their name and a special date or a little saying.
This is honestly the best way also to avoid someone re-gifting or selling in their next garage sale. It also let’s the person know you spent time and effort into picking out just the perfect thing. 
This Valentines day was a little tough for me. Last year I made my boyfriend a handmade card with candy bars and a poem that utilized the candy bar names. It was really cute but, how was I going to top that this year? So I thought about what our needs were and what we like to do together. One thing we love to do together is cook. We cook dinner together nearly every night and it’s the perfect way to catch up on each others days and spend some quality time together. So I went on to Personalcreations.com and found this really cute cutting board which we actually needed and had it engraved. What do you think? I just know he is going to love it! I’m pairing it with some yummy handmade chocolate toffee I bought at an expo and bam, my valentines shopping is complete. The particular cutting board I chose can be found HERE.
Personalcreations.com is still shipping for Valentines Day and of course is available for all other events and holidays as well. You can check them out on these social media outlets as well:
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