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All winners of Exclusive Griffin’s Honey giveaways will be announced here on this page. If  you have entered a giveaway, check this page to find out if you’ve won. You will still be notified via email if you won and will be directed here to see what your prize is. Can you win more than once? Yes. But you can’t win unless you enter and entries are all verified.

Please note that group giveaways not hosted exclusively by Griffin’s Honey will not be posted here, rather on that giveaway’s host page. This is strictly for giveaways hosted by Griffin’s Honey.


****Just a quick note and tip to all of you that enter giveaways. We’ve had a number of unclaimed prizes over the past year. We give 48 hours to claim and then another winner is selected. I believe the reason many go unclaimed is that people have multiple email addresses and are forgetting to check the one associated with their facebook account.
When you enter on a rafflecopter, the email address that is recorded is always going to be the main email address associated with your facebook account. Please check this account regularly and also check your spam.
Feel free to share this as it is true for ALL rafflecopter giveaways you enter, not just ours. :)****


Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash- shannon wilkovich

Under Armour Flavor Blast Mouth Guard – Dena Furgason

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract-cindy- claimed

Yorkie Splash-liza vladyka- claimed

Hellopics- Janet Fricano

Cool Gel N Caps-ashley alderink

American History Go Fish Game-Carol Smith

Mia Mariu Skin Nourishing Oil- melissa crisp- claimed

Azure Naturals ULTIMATE RETINOL Anti Wrinkle Serum- cheryl lister– claimed

Azure Naturals ULTIMATE VITAMIN C Skin Repair Serum- Janet Fricano– claimed

IGOZEN Fruit/Vegetable Wash- carol mcdonald– claimed

Emma Rose Eye Candy Bracelet Sets- Jennifer R– claimed

Muvee Reveal 11- Melanie borhi– claimed

Bo-Po Nail Polish- Lisa Williams– claimed

Anti-Aging Eye Cream- Janet Fricano-claimed

Skin Tight Body Firming Lotion- cheryl lister-claimed

Petbrosia Pet Food- barbara Bowman-claimed

Foxbrim Vit C Serum- Carmen Rudnick-claimed

Tapple- Linda Madden– claimed

Robusto Bowls- cheryl billings– claimed

Marshmallow Soap- angel dearlove

Achy Paws Self-Warming Pet Mat- Carolsue– claimed

C-SLIDE Webcam Cover- TawndaM– claimed

Potty Training Chart- Rosemarie Dalley

Custom Teeth Guards- Heather Pfingsten-claimed

Montagne Jennesse- vickie marks allbright-claimed

Dreambaby’s Furniture Anchors- angel dearlove

Overdoor/Wall Jewelry Organizer in White By Longstem – Dawn Keenan (banks)– claimed

Nordic Naturals- manda- claimed

Finders Keepers Game –tiffany courtright- claimed

240Sweet Artisan Marshmallows- heather baker– claimed

TrueLipids- Janet Fricano– claimed

Elimay Pain Care For Dogs- brittany-claimed

JavoEdge Case– Marie- claimed

LightLoad Towels- TawndaM- claimed

Crave Naturals Brush- cheryl lister- claimed

The Handy Box – Rhonda- claimed

How to be Popular with Boys Book- Montana- claimed

Shave Mob- Kelly OMalley- claimed

Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier- Jennifer finn- claimed

Neater Feeder- Laura Miller- claimed

Red Positivity Bracelet- Annette french- claimed

Mejestical.com Gift Card- Barbara Bowman- claimed

Scott’s Liquid Gold Cleaner- Sharon Rooney- claimed

Old Time Candy Box- Dawn Sterner – claimed

Adventures of Mouse & Mole DVD- Ethan Maloney- claimed

Shepherd’s Friend- Cindy Bazzel- claimed

Name A Star- Nicole Sender-claimed

Kong Giveaway- Beth Dockery-claimed

Noxicare- Chris Maloney

Ruva Cards- liza v- claimed

Happy Camper Badges- June Ebinger- claimed

Probar Bolt Energy Chews- Margaret Bohannon- claimed

Recipe Roulette- Karrie Millheim- claimed

Paddy O’Shea’s Golf Card Game- T Wills- Claimed

Missy Mila DVD- Donna Quares- claimed

GungHo- Kalynn Carter- claimed

LoveCoups- Montanna- claimed

Glyco-Flex- Emily Mahr- claimed

Round Robin 2/25- Melinda Morse- claimed

Sofia the First: Songs from Enchancia CD-

1. Jill Jackson- claimed

2. michelle marino- claimed

3. juanita may- claimed

Build-A-Bear $25 Gift Card- peggy rydzewski- claimed

Ever Bamboo Prize Pack- Stephanie Manning-claimed

Essential Oils Kit- ale ol- claimed

Marcasite Ring- Linda Heng- claimed

Bum Boosa- Megan- claimed

Round Robin 2/18- Tracey Barfield- claimed

Mystery Box- Jules M.- claimed

Jump Rope- Raquel Perez- claimed

Habe Naturals Cream- Janet Fricano- claimed

Habe Naturals Acne Treatment- Mellissa Hanks- claimed

Bummas- Gwendolyn Mulholland- claimed

Armourbite- Alexa- claimed

Round Robin ending 02/06- Renee Patterson Travis- claimed

Round Robin ending 02/04- Linda Szymoniak- claimed

13K Facebook Fan Giveaway- Jenn Oldaker- claimed

Soothie Massager- Allyson Tice- claimed

Raise- Sandie Raegler-claimed

Wearever SocksTyneisha Fondren-claimed

Woolzies- Rod Jackson-claimed

Blender Bottle – Jill Jackson- claimed

Sparkalicious Bag- Amanda Stovall- claimed

Gortons Prize Pack- David- claimed

Round Robin Giveaway Ending 1/21- Carolyn Combs- claimed

GeoPuzzle- Michelle Goswick- claimed

Money Savvy Soccer Ball Bank- Shannon Anderson- claimed

Jammy Jams- Christina Swenson- claimed

Day Dreamer- Linda Madden-claimed

Cheribundi – Deborah Dumm- claimed

Zeepo Sleep Mask- Janet Fricano- claimed

Zippy Bibs- Lesley M- claimed

Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle- Stacy Giacosa-Bauer- claimed

How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too)- StEpHaNiE BoUrNe- claimed

Guylian Belgian Chocolates- Raquel Perez- claimed

Round Robin Flash Giveaway- Tee Vaping Williams – claimed

Noxicare-  Dasha- claimed

STIKINS- Teresa Mccluskey- claimed

MoGo Sport- Jessica Peeling- claimed

Pretty Mommies Maternity Skin Care- Leslie Hartley- claimed

Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter Book- Debbie Roden Miller- claimed

isAbelt Original- cheryl lister- claimed

Orglamix Eyeshadow- Amanda Spielman- claimed

Dr. Sharp’s Toothpaste- Emma Craig- claimed

Groovy Gravy- Shelly Herzhaft- claimed

Obol Bowl-Ashley Addison- claimed

Hot Dots Learning Toy- Jennifer Hayden-claimed 

Copycat Kids DVD- Stephanie Clemmons- claimed

coverPlug- Rosetta Glock- claimed

Dream Essentials Mask- Sarh S- claimed

Bravery In A Bottle – Sarah Traphagan- claimed

Build A Bear $25 Gift Card- Andrea F.- claimed

Bullet Designs- Carla Dunn- claimed

Mary Jane Brownie Sampler- Mimi- claimed

The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse- Sara Estep- claimed

Scott’s Dust ‘N Go Wipes

1. Molly P.-claimed

2. Rachelle Dixon- claimed

Beautiful Wall Decals- Melissa Moore Vandenbossche- claimed

6 Cans of Spinach- Cheryl Chervitz-claimed

Tipton Charles Hand Soap- Terra Agueda- claimed

My Lanyard Maker- Melinda Dunne- claimed

Play Lashes- Starla Bates- claimed

Junior Varsity Deodorant-

1. Leila- claimed

2.Felix Fitzgerald- claimed

3. DaLynn-claimed

4. Ancilla Jagdeo- claimed

5. melissa crisp- claimed

6.Debbie Miller-claimed

7. Suzanne King-claimed

8.Dasha Volkova- claimed

9. Sarah N- claimed

10.Lee Burgess Dawson-claimed

Aeode’s CD Giveaway- Stephanie Ubiera- claimed

Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen- April Wray- claimed

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark

1.Carla Dunn-claimed

2.Erik Pfingsten-claimed

3.Sarah N-claimed

Maternity Shirt- Judy H- claimed

Ultra Sleeves-

1.Sarah N- claimed

2.Terra Agueda- claimed

3.Christy Colln- claimed

4.Sarah Oswald-claimed

5.Kim Davis- claimed

Do Good Have Fun Cell Phone Mount- Mimi B- claimed

PeePods- Irene Capron- claimed

Easy Canvas Prints- Tori Norris- claimed

Amby Bamby Cakes- Trina Withers Coconutsclaimed

Shave Well Shower Mirror- Cheryl Free- claimed

BitDefender- Andi- claimed

SendOutCards- Angel Dearlove– claimed

Teas Tea- Jo-Von H.- claimed

Zymbol- Karen Glatt –claimed

Rock N Learn- April Gilbertson- claimed

24/7 Frenzy-

1.  Angie B – claimed

2. Crystal- claimed

3. Elle Bee- claimed

WipesWraps Random Draw- Nicole Mccutche- claimed

WipesWraps Naming Winner- Elle Bee- claimed

CorsetChick- Paige Kelley- claimed

Cassani Fogless MirrorNicole Sender- claimed

Jammy Jams- cheryl lister- claimed

ManCans- Robert Clifton- claimed

Tad The Lost Explorer DVD- Melissa Moore Vandenbossche- claimed

Angels Book – Victoria Robinson- claimed

Dizolve Laundry Strips- Carmen Rudnick- claimed

Kung Fu Rabbit – Todd McClaskey- claimed

Dear Mom, Love Cher DVD- Sky Kory- claimed

La La Oopsies DVD- Kristy Krummen- claimed

MyCouponKeeper– Mindy Uzailko-cole- claimed

Bamboo Nature Diapers-Tracey Berthiaume- claimed

Magnetic Locker Wallpaper-

1.Jennifer Pettit Halstead- claimed

2.Rebecca Williams Parsons- claimed

Cichic $50-Andrea Farley- claimed

Glass Dharma $25- Rebecca Lambracht– claimed

Firmoo- Cristi Martin- claimed

YoYo Lip Gloss-Tracy Heyer-claimed

Rock & Learn Alphabet DVD-Valerie Rhodes- claimed

PB Crave-Amanda Jorjorian– claimed

Woolzies- Dalores Baker Lounds- claimed

Sox Box- Bonnie Gowen- claimed

Brew Over Ice- Samantha Cuhel- claimed

Crazy Dog T-Shirts- Brian G- claimed

Mrs. Bow Tie-Kelly Whaley- claimed

Build-A-Bear- Michelle Marino- claimed

iPhone Skin-

1.Dasha Volkova- claimed

2.Laura Hauck-claimed

3.Liz Lew-claimed

Samanthe Beck Giveaway-

1.Janice Aileen Unger-claimed

2.Jo-Von Holloway- claimed

Mystery Box Giveaway- Lisa Konieczke- claimed

ENJOY-Barbi Murray- claimed

Therafit Shoes- Angela McKinney-claimed

Damaged Girls- cristina arpin- claimed

JoJo’s Jerky

1.Rebecca Lambracht- claimed

2.Angel Dearlove- claimed

Little Passports-Tamber Squires- claimed

Zipz Shoes-Jenny Lynn Newton- claimed

Piczzle Puzzle-Julie Garrett- claimed

I Carried An Angel- Gail Bradford Wilson- claimed

$5 Amazon GC for comment wars- Phyllis Stormsclaimed


1.Samantha Duzinskas- claimed

2.susana mladenovski-claimed

3.Gladys Parker- claimed


1.Vickie Marks Allbright- Claimed

2.cristina arpin- Claimed

cheribundi-Tabitha Ann Pittz- Claimed

Aurorae Candle- Carolyn Ann Colley- Claimed

Skinny Cow- Anne Other- Claimed

Blossom Organics-Whitney Li- Claimed

Doing Bizness-Suzie Williams- Claimed

Hidden In Plain Sight-Carolyn Ann Colley- Claimed

Country Bob’s-

1.Kathleen Walsh- Claimed

2.Colleen Schilinski- Claimed

Looking For La La-Connie Lee- Claimed

Real Kids Shades- Crystle Monahan- Claimed

Perky Jerky-Howell Lee- Claimed

KRAVE Jerky-Erin Zempel- Claimed

Escape Monthly-Marilyn Blewett Blevins- Claimed

Yasou- Eugenie Wu- Claimed

Hidden Under Her Heart- Tamber Squires- Claimed


1. Kristy Krummen- Claimed

2.Kathleen Smith- Claimed

3.Fiona N- Claimed

EZWipers- Stephanie Lockwood- Claimed

Worlds Apart- Lynne Brown Burton- Claimed

YumEarth Organics- Terra Wiseman- Claimed

The Rebel Wife-Rachel Hume- Claimed

Polar Bear Cooler- Cheryla Lister- Claimed

CrayonMavens-Bailey Dexter- Claimed

Pokemon Toy- Angel Dearlove- Claimed

JinJu Chocolates-Stacy Melendez- Claimed

Kisspat Hair Chalk-Erica Golwitzer- Claimed

Fool A Carnivore Cookbook- Sara Estep- Claimed

Brownie Points- Ashley Ernest-Sears- Claimed

Saving Rain- Missy Marie- Claimed

Bedtime Bones-Kele Wassum- Claimed

Teas’ Tea Tote and Coupons-Nicole Lancaster- Claimed

Rollie Eggmaster- Anne Other (excellent name by the way) – Claimed

Jelly Belly- Bethany Nelson –Claimed

Brownie Brittle-Diana Stanhope- Claimed

Tandoor Chef- Teresa Mccluskey- Claimed

gfreely- Sabrina DayClaimed

Roots Only

1. Tina Maglia- Claimed

2. Ten Coupons Page Owner- Claimed

Spicy Subscriptions- Rachelle Anderson- Claimed

Flattenme Credit-Evie Sells- Claimed

His INKspirations- Brandi Hawn- Claimed


1. Denise Smith- Claimed

2. Heather Johnson- Claimed

3. Melissa Crisp- Claimed

Hurricane Lily-Chelsie Fletcher- Claimed

Oransi- Jamie Knupp – Claimed

Wife In Name Only with Amazon Cash- Sebella Blue- Claimed

Simply7- Marti Parks- Claimed

UGLee Pen-Stacey McManus- Claimed

Detroit Respect-Leon Kitzler- Claimed

Broken Build-Nancy Carol Schools- Claimed

My Birthday Chronicle-Heather Pfingsten- Claimed

8k Facebook Fan $5 Amazon Cash-Jazzy Wynter- Claimed

CollageIt Pro Windows Version-

1. Murray Baldwin- Claimed

2. Shannon Jean Rhea- Claimed

3. Mal Sweeps- Claimed

4. Dawn M. Brown-claimed

5. Jody Cowan- Claimed

6. Jennifer Ganan- Claimed

7. Misty Farmer- Claimed

8. Ladette Collins Kerr- Claimed

9. Adrien Beatty- Claimed

10. Charlotte Raynor- Claimed

11. Heather Wilson Mishoe- Claimed

12. Kathy Ridenour Millard- Claimed

CollageIt Pro Mac Version-

1. Jody Cowan- Claimed

2. Misty Farmer- Claimed

3. Cheryl Walker- Claimed

4. Ladette Collins Kerr- Claimed

5. Jhey Lo- Claimed

6. Jo Murphy- Claimed

7. Denise Leitermann- Claimed

8.Rachel Allen- Claimed

RewardTab $25 Giveaway- Elis Brockway- Claimed

TEAS’ Tea- Charlotte Raynor- Claimed

Undiepads- Patty Schuler – Claimed

Frecklebox- Jeannie Eplion-Holley – Claimed

Conscious Box- Marilyn Grace Templeton Rhea – Claimed

Sand Gone- Heidi Bee- Claimed

Smelly Washer Cleaner- Jennifer Hall – Claimed

Smelly Towel Cleaner- Sonya – Claimed

SF Umbrella CatMartina King- Claimed

SF Umbrella Dog- Diana Mears- Claimed

Fuzzy-Ink- Tab Tab Pittz- Claimed

Yesteryear Soap Sampler- Sharon Rooney- Claimed

Bible Verse Gifts- Rebecca Petri- Claimed

Piczzle Puzzle- Mary Happymommy- Claimed

Swag Bucks $5 Amazon Gift Code- Jennifer Messner Moyer – Claimed

Swag Bucks $5 Amazon Gift Code- Elena – Claimed

Knot Genie- Lynn Simpson- Claimed

Juppy Baby Walker-Sandy VanHoey- Claimed

CP Docks- Colleen Schilinski- Claimed

ACTZ Jar of Face Scrub – Misty Farmer – Claimed

ACTZ Cupcake Soap- Jennifer Ganan – Claimed

ACTZ Cupcake Soap- Annette Grafmyer- Claimed

Noxicare T-Shirt- Heather Pfingsten- Claimed

Noxicare Cream- Dree Getz- Claimed

Noxicare Cream- John Zukowski – Claimed

PottyCover- Ginny Daniel- Claimed

Puccini Tie- Manda Overturf Shank- Claimed

 Congrats on your win! Please make sure you respond to the winners email within 48 hours!


How To Be Popular With Boys (And Other Advice For Teens) Book

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