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  • Free for Life – Never pay your cable or satellite fee for television again! You can get all local channels crystal clear and absolutely free! The 1byone antenna can pull in all of your local news, sitcoms, kids and sports programs.
  • Higher Quality – This 1byone HDTV Antenna will be the LAST antenna you will need to buy! If you have ever purchased another brand antenna, you will be convinced that our antennas have a higher quality due to improved material lists! Buy a 1byone TV antenna, you’ll find out it’s worth each dime you spent!
  • Full HD – 35 miles range to access from broadcast tower. It delivers full 1080p HD to any digital-ready TV.
  • Longer Cable, Easier Setup – A 10-foot coaxial cable makes it easier for you to place it at the position with the best reception in your house. Especially useful for customers whose TV’s are quite far away from the windows.
  • Buyer Guarantee – We stand behind our antenna 100% with a 12-month warranty. Please Note: Freeview reception is dependent upon environmental factors, we cannot guarantee reception in all conditions. We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all new items in order for you to test the suitability in your area.


In December we bought a beautiful home in Rural Dimondale, MI. Well, it’s not super rural but it’s definitely not smack dab in the city either. We had digital cable at the apartment we moved from but when we moved into this area, we were limited to our choices for cable companies. I for one can go without cable but my fiance Brian is a sports fanatic and needs his ESPN.

Dish Network was the least expensive option for us for cable so we signed up with them. We get a lot of channels and for the most part we’re pretty happy with the selection. With just a couple issues. A handful of our local and basic channels were not available through dish! For instance, we do not have access to ABC! That’s kind of major right?

Brian is so stinkin’ smart and he brainstormed for a little bit and said, what if we get an antenna to pick up the channels we don’t get through Dish? And you know what? It worked!! I started telling all of my Dish friends about this and they did the same thing. All you have to do is change your input settings to the antenna when you want to watch those particular channels. Problem solved!

This 1byone Super Thin Omni-directional Indoor HDTV Antenna, 35 Miles Range 10 Feet High Performance Cable is great! It’s flat and attaches right to the wall behind our television set. With this antenna we were able to pick up 3 additional channels that we didn’t have access to through Dish. A total of 13 were picked up in all.

The cost? Are you sitting down? Right now on Amazon HERE, you can get yours for just $14.99! If you have Amazon Prime you can get free shipping too.

Years ago all I had was an antenna for television and it was wonderful. It’s a way to get television on a shoe-string of a budget for sure.

I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to watch basic television without the expense of cable or anyone who needs to supplement their channel options like we did.



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