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AAhhhhh!!! I am so excited. My 30 Day Diet Pills arrived for me to review. So, beginning tomorrow, I will be taking these and HOPEFULLY losing about 1 pound a day until I reach my goal weight. That’s what is says it’s designed to do right on the package.

Okay, Okay…. You are probably wondering what I weigh and how much I need to lose. Well, I am not ready to tell you how much I currently weight but I can tell you that I am a size 12 and want to be a size 8 (secretly hoping to be a size 6) and I have a solid 50 lbs to lose to get there.

First thoughts:

Total thrill that I have this opportunity and I get to share my experience with you. I am happy to see this product doesn’t contain sugars, fillers or starches and is filled with tons of natural ingredients and energy enhancers like B6 and B12. It’s Gluten Free too!



When I opened the bottle, I noticed that they smell fruity. Which makes sense because they have fruit products in them. My dog also enjoyed the smell as you can see him creeping up just as I snapped a picture.

They are pretty large but are in capsules so they should go down pretty easy.

The package says to take 2 capsules 30 min. before breakfast every day with a full glass of water and to drink lots of water throughout the day. Sounds easy enough!

They do contain caffeine and the packaging does tell you not to drink ANYTHING containing caffeine while taking this. So, goodbye most sodas I love *waving*. I welcome the change :) And looking forward to so more energy.

I will keep you posted on a weekly basis on my progress and welcome questions. I will do my best to answer. Any support is appreciated.

If you would like to try the 30 Day Diet along with me please visit Creative Bioscience at http://www.lifefitstore.com and enter code HONEY for an exclusive discount! They have other products you might like to try as well.

Teaser: I will be having a giveaway for more than one reader very soon so stay tuned. You may want to subscribe to or bookmark my website so you know when the giveaway starts! Extra consideration is given to subscribers :)





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